Friday, 26 September 2014

Disconnect from SharePoint using stsadm or PowerShell: Remember Basics

I was facing too many issues with my SharePoint. After too many hit and trial, I decided to unprovision/detach SharePoint and then again attach SharePoint.

I then decided to run the SharePoint Configuration wizard to perform the above operation.
After 3rd step it has given me error to ask me check log file where I found nothing.

OK. Then I decided to use the great PowerShell. I used the following cmdLet

Disconnect-SPConfigurationDatabase -Confirm:$false
It throws me invocation error.
Then I decided to go with stsadm command and I ran the following script:
psconfig.exe -cmd configdb disconnect
Wow, It has taken only 3 steps to disconnect from SharePoint configuration Database.
I don't know how many SharePoint users agree with me, But I would say Remember Basic.
Please Microsoft, Don't remove this tool in near future.

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