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  1. I am new to SharePoint development and have created a custom web part using Visual Studio 2013 for deployment on a SharePoint 2010 farm.

    I have developed the web part on a standalone SharePoint server then configured our production server with VS 2013 to create the web part on our production server.

    The problem I encounter is when I either build or test this web part VS seems to go through all steps by creating the .wsp file. Then it retracts it and deletes the file leaving me no .wsp file to install using PowerShell.

    This even leaves me unable to test the web part on our production server. How can I stop the .wsp file from being deleted so I can install it and activate it on the farm?

    1. Hi Andy,

      First of all just build the solution and then create Package using Publish link. You will get your wsp file.
      If not then please let me know. I will be happy to help you.

  2. Hi,
    I am facing some problem while configuring Workflow Manager 1.0. in my farm.

    Scenario is,
    I have installed and configured workflow manager in my farm, it was working well with no issue. But one of team member played with AD and deleted Farm administrator's entry from AD by mistake. So suddenly workflows get affected and stopped working.
    Then I added administrator entry in AD, uninstalled the Workflow Manager and installed it again. But now while configuring workflow manager I am facing some issues that "Failure to adding user in BUILTIN\Administrative group. Please add it manually"
    And after sometime it shows another error message that, "Starting service Service Bus Massage broken failed: Timed out has expired, the operation has not been completed"

    If I go for services then "Service bus Message broker" service is not running properly (Its status is just showing "Starting") and don't starts.
    I have also added the user in BUILTIN\Administrator, IIS_IUSER, WSS_WPG group of the machine from computer manager - user and groups.
    Also given permission to databases, and assign role of sysadmin and dbcreator to user

    I also tried following steps
    1) Stop all services associated to workflows
    2) Uninstalled workflow manager
    3) Deleted all databases associated with workflows
    4) Installed workflow manager and tried to configure.

    But showing same error.

    If I use another SharePoint server farm to configure workflows, there I am not getting first error of adding user to BUILTIN\Administrator group. but second error remains same.

    We having SQL server and Active directory at another machine and FARM at another machine, if I use local admin for configuration of the workflows (as local admin can start any services) but entry of local admin is not Active directory so can not assign SQL's sysadmin, and dbcreator role to local admin

    What should I do ? Please help !!

    1. Hi,
      Do one thing.
      Open Run -> service.msc and then, check these servies

      1- AppFabricCachingService
      2- Service Bus Gateway
      3- Service Bus Message Broker and
      4- WorkflowServiceBackend

      Check these services log on as whom. if it is BUILTIN\Administrator, change with a user that having full control over machine as well as on SharePoint.

      Note:- Please note, Always create some dummy users that will be used for SharePoint configurations, like services, webapps,etc.

      Please let me know if you need more information.

  3. Hi. I am new to SharePoint and need help with a simple callout that provides instructions upon clicking a "Click Here for Instructions" link. I see the more detailed and complex script for the "contact us" tool, but I'm not sure how to scale it back to do this more simple task.