Thursday, 30 August 2012

Configure SharePoint 2010 to send email through Gmail

I had a requirement to configure SharePoint 2010 with gmail smtp to send mail for testing.
After googling, I got the solution from different urls and successfully configured the outgoing email service.

I followed the below steps to configure the same:

Create and setup a Gmail account to use POP3.Enabling POP3 in Gmail:

Add SMTP feature. I am using Server 2008 R2 and followed the below steps to add smtp feature.


Access Tab

Relay Button

You can specify only the servers that you want to be able to send email here by selecting Only the list below and adding your servers IP addresses

Delivery Tab

Select Basic Authentication and specify your Gmail account  and password. Check the TLS encryption.

Outbound connections button

Set TCP port to 587.

Advanced Button

specify the smart host as

Now configure the Outbound email in SharePoint to send email to the server where you have installed this SMTP server.

Note: Please put the fully-qualified domain name (as shown above) in SMTP text box and gmail userd id inplace of mail id.

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  1. Thanks it was of great help.
    With this I was able to show my client that the application is sending mail, working fine and he had some issue with his smtp server setup.
    You rock man…!!!!