Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Configure SharePoint with Local User

Question: Can we configure SharePoint with local user account?
Answer: Most of the time I heard answer NO.

Yes the answer is right while going with SharePoint Configuration UI (User Interface  -> SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard Window).

Because, It contains validator to check either user is from domain account or is of local user and then it throws error.

So most of the time user configure its SharePoint as standalone type where it doesn't ask for domain user.

I decided to go with Complete installation and with local user account (Actually my machine is in workgroup not in domain so I had no choice).

After SharePoint installation, open SharePoint Management Shell (SharePoint PowerShell editor).
You will get following error:- The Local Farm Is Not Accessible". Don't worry about this. This message is coming because SharePoint is yet not configured at your machine.

Type the following cmdlet:

New-SPConfigurationDatabase –DatabaseName "SharePoint_Config" –DatabaseServer "sp<DB Server Name>" –AdministrationContentDatabaseName "SharePoint_Admin_Content" –Passphrase (ConvertTo-SecureString "password@1<change if you want to>" –AsPlaintext –Force) –FarmCredentials (Get-Credential)

For SharePoint 2016 there is small modification (Because of Min Role- Please read about Min Role if you are not aware of
MinRole enables an administrator to select the appropriate server role for a specific server when provisioning SharePoint Server 2016 based on five (5) predefined configurations:
Role Name
Special LoadReserved for services to be isolated from other services, I.e. 3rd party, PerformancePoint, etc.
Web Front EndServices end user requests, optimized for low latency.
Single Server FarmProvisions all services on the server for a single server deployment.  This role is provided for evaluation and development purposes.
SearchReserved for Search services.
ApplicationServices the backend jobs or the requests triggered by backend jobs, optimized for high throughput.
Distributed CacheServices distributed cache for the farm. Optionally, the server assigned to this role can load balance end user requests among the web front ends.

New-SPConfigurationDatabase –DatabaseName "SharePoint_Config" –DatabaseServer "sp<DB Server Name>" –AdministrationContentDatabaseName "SharePoint_Admin_Content" –Passphrase (ConvertTo-SecureString "password@1<change if you want to>" –AsPlaintext –Force) –FarmCredentials (Get-Credential) -localserverrole SingleServerFarm

the above message will prompt for windows credential (as shown above). Here just pass your local user name and password (Please make sure, this user must have DB owner permission in SQL as shown below).

And done.

So now the answer of the Question will be, YES but with PowerShell and command will be New-SPConfigurationDatabase

Please note:- This is not recommended by Microsoft and also please don't use on Production Server.

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